Michigan Friends

Stan and Diane

One benefit of traveling around the U.S. and volunteering is the people you meet. We met Diane in 2017 while volunteering at LBJ National Historical Park in Stonewall, Texas.

2017 volunteer group on LBJ ranch runway. Diane is second from left!

Since Diane has now settled in her home state of Michigan and we would be traveling in her area, we planned a meet up. It has been five years since we saw her; she is now happily partnered with Stan, someone she has known for many years. She invited us to stay at their cottage on Lake Pettibone.

Parked in front of the cottage

Being with Diane and Stan was like being with old friends that you haven’t seen in a while but when you do you just pick up where you left off when you last saw them. And Stan is one of those people that you meet for the first time and instantly feel comfortable with. He invited us for a ride in his mule for a tour of the property and to see his functional works of art—painted deer stands!

One day we went in search of fresh asparagus now in season in Michigan. A field worker was kind enough to give us asparagus just harvested that morning. And we were able to see the way it is harvested from the field. We stopped at a roadside self-service stand selling rhubarb and asparagus. Interesting that the stand accepts PayPal.

Friends Steve and Alice came by for dinner. We first met Alice when she visited Diane in Texas at LBJ National Park.

Great conversation and delicious asparagus

We took a ride on the lake in the paddle boat. It was nice to see and hear the loons. We saw a muskrat but were unable to get a photo.

It was fun watching the Baltimore Orioles, Grossbeak and Red Bellied woodpecker eat oranges and grape jelly on the porch.

We had a great time with good people! We look forward to the next visit.

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